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Women of Bhakti (2012)   Watch trailer [ x ]


Haim   (June 28 , 2014)  Don’t Save Me at Glastonbury

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Meg Myers - Make a Shadow

Teen Wolf, Season 4 Episode 2 “117”


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Meg Myers

Sex, drugs, religion, relationships, fashion, songwriting, performing live - Meg Myers and Darren cover it all. It’s an in-depth conversation with a deep but private woman who has an inspiring, resilient, hardworking musician’s story. Meg discusses growing up in a strict Jehovah Witness household, moving frequently often to a car or couch. Eventually she arrived in LA, met manager/co-songwriter Dr. RosenRosen, landed a major Label deal, and now her single “Desire” is spinning on radio throughout the country. A fascinating story about an artist you need to know.

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Life After Beth (15 August)  with Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza 


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If I Stay  (August  22, 2014)   - Prologue  [x]

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Aubrey Plaza

It’s hard to put into words what it is about Aubrey. Even her mother (Bernadette Plaza) says:  “It was always so mysterious and haunting ..one could only imagine and never really know.”


Safety not Guaranteed  (2012)

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Riding with Boys in Cars  (2001) 

"This is why therapists are wealthy, moments like this. Why didn’t he just get her the bra? It’s certainly cheaper than a bicycle. Ah, parents and the damage they can do. Sometimes it’s endless. But she survived. You know what they say: that which doesn’t kill you, makes you want to die. You see, if she was from the south she would have turned her life into a country song. But since she’s from Connecticut, she turned it into a book."


American Comedy Awards (2014)

"Aubrey would like to say a few words .."  [ x ]


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